Let me start by saying Network Marketing is not a pyramid scheme!

Go on, that’s what you were thinking right? I know because I thought that too!!

So why the bad rap? Because it has the ability to fix the broken system & employers don’t want that! I believe the real pyramid scheme is your traditional company organisation structure with the CEO at the top & hard working employees at the bottom!

I also think people blame network marketing for their failure because they weren’t consistent & dedicated enough. It’s not easy to make a success of any business but network marketing IS the easiest business to build. Our system is broken. Automation is threatening jobs, with the low wage earners being hit hardest.

Retail has switched from the High Street to online & half of our University graduates are unable to find work to support their student loans!

The global jobs landscape is shifting! It’s predicted that by 2022 Network Marketing will rank number 5 in the top 10 growing industries whilst jobs such as data entry, factory & assembly workers, customer service managers, bookkeeping & payroll will be declining.

So how do you escape the system that is broken & forcing you to trade your time for money so that you can make ends meet? Most people are unaware that they can earn a living without trading their time.

Building your own business does take hard work & time but when you build a team you can leverage teamwork rather than just your time. With a team, you have an income flow whether you are working or not.

The question is is financial freedom right for you? For me, the purpose of life is to experience life. Money allows you to ‘live’ life! You can become a business owner in a number of ways; create a business model, purchase a franchise (expensive believe me!), network marketing!

Network marketing is the easiest & most cost effective way of starting your own business…….and it isn’t going anywhere! It’s economy proof & in this age of the internet, it is on fire!

To put it into perspective, in 2018 global sales in the music industry were $16.5 billion, the movie industry generated sales of $80 billion & network marketing? An incredible $189 million!

The great thing about this business is you can decide how much time you want to put into it to start. It may be something you build whilst working your full-time job. This way you remain secure & financially stable until you have built a team & you are able to devote full-time efforts to growing.

Network marketing is one of the only ways to earn an income that isn’t capped! This industry is creating millionaires every day…..how else are you planning on achieving this, if this is your goal? Keep doing the lottery right?!

Keep in mind that as unemployment rises, millions globally are starting to work from home to supplement their income. In times of recession more & more people get involved – did you know that there is not one recession in history that has slowed the growth of the network marketing industry?

When it comes to network marketing there is no experience required. There are no requirements regarding age, ethnicity, education, gender or background! BUT if you are going to do this I’d give you 5 tips:

  1. Choose a company carefully
  2. Dedicate time to building a team
  3. Spend your time building the business productively
  4. Leverage the internet & social media
  5. Coach & train as many people as possible

This business allows you to choose how you spend your time & WHERE you spend it. It also allows you to join a supportive community of like-minded people. You don’t need to put up with the workplace dramas & politics! In doing this you will become the person you were born to be, you will find your purpose. Once you have purpose you have passion!

So how do I know all this? Because I’ve done it! I researched the industry & I found a product that can change lives, has no target market as it benefits all mammals of all ages & it has a 60 day money back guarantee.

I found a company that is the fastest growing network marketing company in the world, which offers world-class training & leadership. Three months ago I joined Hempworx as an affiliate because I believed in the power of CBD oil to change people’s lives & this company is going global!

For under £100 you can set up your own business with a company that has state of the art websites & marketing funnels, a tools store, back office, customer support chat & incredible team training.

My purpose is to build a team & heal the planet! People are jumping on this opportunity because the CBD industry is exploding. Global Sales in 2018 were $600 million with sales forecast by 2022 to $22 billion! This is the right place & right time & most probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to be fulfilled in life.

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.”

-Donald Trump

For more information contact me or have a look at my website www.hempworx.com/MrsDunny

  1. Joanne Wilkinson 5 years ago

    Great intro blog Mrs D

    • Author
      Lisa Dunnington 5 years ago

      Thanks Jo, glad you found it interesting!

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