I am an innately positive person – to the extent that I have been described as DELUDED in the past!  When things happen outside of my comfort zone, that I have not anticipated, that cause me discomfort, I usually stop, feel the impact for 24 hours then reboot! 

These are unprecedented times & I don’t think anybody could have imagined a scenario quite like COVID – 19, so we’d all be forgiven for taking a little longer than a day or 2 to readjust!  We are all different but the important thing is remaining OBJECTIVE in your perceptions of the situation.  When your thoughts become negative because of the situation you are misjudging it!

“When you are frustrated, angry or unhappy, hold yourself responsible for these emotions because they are the result of your judgement”

Today I should have arrived in Mallorca with my family for our Easter break but rather than dwell on this I chose to be grateful that my family are healthy, the sun is shining outside & I know that as soon as it is possible we will be on that beach in Puerto Pollensa!

Here are my four tips for staying positive!

  1. Practice Gratitude! This tip actually makes you feel more in control of your life, especially at times like this!  It’s something I recommend doing daily, either write it down in a journal or just take some time over your morning coffee to think about it.  What I found when I started this was that I complained less & I felt calmer!  Be grateful for the things you didn’t ask for, even the bad things because through suffering we learn to adapt & grow.
  2. Don’t take it personally! A lot of frustration comes from over analysing what other people say or do!  Sometimes people just do stupid things & don’t consider the impact their actions have on others. Not everything people do is personal to you! If you really want a happy life focus on what matters to you, things like health, family & career rather than dwelling on what everyone else is doing.
  3. Let it out! We all have different ways of dealing with ‘stuff’! You can’t like everyone, your spouse doesn’t listen to you, the kids are squabbling 24/7, you name it! We are always going to have stress & annoying responsibilities but it’s how you DEAL with them that matters.  In our period of isolation the normal irritants can seem bigger & more distressing  so you need to find a way to get it out of your system – maybe that’s through journaling, exercising, talking to friends over the phone or on a zoom…..whatever works for you!  Just make sure you don’t keep your anger, frustration, anxiety, insecurity inside you…..it will eat you up!
  4. Focus on improving! Sometimes things happen & we think ‘this is the worst thing ever’, but is it?  Really??  Where we are now is TEMPORARY, no matter how bad it seems – this thing will pass!  As long as you realise this you know that you can improve things. Stop feeling sorry for yourself & focus what you can do right now to improve your situation!  Go for a walk, put your best dress on, do a bit of online shopping.  Write down some ideas.  Be creative. Set a GOAL.  These things will make you feel better MENTALLY because you will feel like you have achieved something.  Do small things that make you feel better.

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Don’t take my word for it just try it & see for yourself!


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