My Daily Choice was set up in 2014 as a network marketing company selling oral nutritional sprays.  It is a company created by affiliates, for affiliates, resulting from 20+ years network marketing experience by it’s founders Josh & Jenna Zwagil.  In 2017 MDC launched a whole hemp product line with a mission to re-introduce this miracle plant to the world! 1st year sales were $9 million & grew a staggering 1100%in 2018!  The CBD industry is booming & is forecast to grow to £22 billion by 2022!  MDC has recently been awarded as the fastest growing network marketing company in the world & it is one of only 13 companies to be awarded the Hemp Authority Quality Seal.  Watch our video to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Our nutritional sprays give you the right ingredients AND delivery system to give you energy & balanced nutrition.  Oral sprays have a 98% absorption direct into the bloodstream, unlike a traditional pill or capsule which gives less than 30% absorption!  Watch our video to discover more about the most powerful patented micronised delivery system!

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