Society today is defined it seems by these 2 words but which one is more important?

I think, without a doubt, that health is the most important. If we don’t have our health we can’t work to acquire wealth. Health leads to happiness & ultimately, if so driven, wealth. The sad thing is a lot of us take our health for granted & it’s not until someone becomes ill do we realise the importance of health.

In the UK many of us pay into a pension be it through our employer or a private pension in addition to the State Pension. We know that we need money to retire, to plan for when we are longer able or no longer wish to work. But how many of us have a health pension in place? How many of us plan to live a long healthy life & pay into a ‘wellness pension pot’ to make this more achievable?

I am a firm believer that prevention is better than cure. Pay into your pot throughout your life in order to lower your chances of serious illness, both physical & mental. That way you can look forward to your retirement which you have paid into with years of hard work! We all know a story about the guy who worked hard all his life only to retire & drop dead the next day. Brutal but it happens!

So I have a Wellness Pension. Don’t get me wrong……I enjoy a party! I’ve partied with the best of them but I’ve always tried to do these things (more so since I turned 40, when my mortality began to register):

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Lots of greens for me (especially sprouts) as a vegetarian for 30+ years. Granted it’s not always easy but that’s why we have the word balance in there. Life would be pretty boring without a treat or two!
  2. Exercise regularly. I love trying new things & my competitive nature means that I have to be the best I can possibly be at everything I try my hand at. In the last decade I have taken up kick boxing, skiing (age 45), running & yoga. I’ve recently done a half marathon & finished 10th in my age & gender group so you see what I mean.
  3. More recently I have discovered CBD & through my own research have realised that this product will change the health industry as we know it. Today I’m not sure that ‘prevention is better than cure’ exists for many people. They become an ill & the doctor prescribes pharmaceutical chemicals to sometimes fix but often mask the symptoms. And all the while Mother Nature has it in hand & offers a natural plant supplement!

It’s funny to think that many people will take a doctor prescribed medication, with many known side effects, at the drop of a hat! Tell them about a natural, non GMO, non pesticide, 3rd party tested, pure hemp product & they are sceptical, if not afraid! My advice to you is to invest in your Wellness Pension wisely so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour when the time comes to retire. Do research into what you are being prescribed & what alternatives are available! There are trillions of receptors in the human body just waiting to be activated & create equilibrium within all our body functions.

I see my ‘health’ choices not only as a pension but also as an insurance policy for the future. I plan to live a long life, one where I can enjoy my family & live life to the full, rather than spending my final years in a nursing home, dependent on others to meet my basic needs. None of us knows what the future holds but we can plan for it wisely.

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