In these unprecedented times of a global pandemic how are you adapting & coping?

Today is May 11 2020 & it’s been 7 weeks since Boris ordered us all to stay at home in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19 & save lives. On reflection 7 weeks has passed quickly & it has amazed me, as always, just how adaptable we are & how quickly a whole new set of rules become the norm.

But it hasn’t been easy, there have been ups & downs along the way & we are by no means through this crisis. So how have I managed to get this far without losing the plot?

In no particular order my coping mechanisms have included:

Switching off the news! So pretty quickly we learned what Covid – 19 was & what we had to do to stay safe. What I couldn’t understand, especially into weeks 2 & 3 of lock down, was why was this all that was now reported in the news – literally 24/7?! Where had all the terrorists & warmongers gone? Had they taken this time to have a break from terrorising the planet & chill out on a beach somewhere? Surely there are still wars being raged, people dying through poverty, famine, natural disasters but now there was no news other than the virus. I decided I didn’t need countless hours of discussion, ‘expert’ analysis & political bickering, I just wanted to get on with making the best of a bad situation & vowed to come out of this better & stronger than I went in!

Keeping busy! As someone with a normally hectic life, juggling 2 businesses a family, dogs & a healthy social life I actually welcomed the opportunity to FOCUS on my CBD business. Over the last few weeks I have recruited people into my team from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK & India & have strengthened my business in doing so. It’s been exciting connecting with new people & I’m loving working with them to help them get their business off to a strong start.

Exercise. Exercise has always been important to me for both my physical & mental well being. I’ve been running (we are blessed to live in the beautiful Trough of Bowland & so it really is a pleasure), spinning on the Peloton (who knew how fun that could be?) & working bums & tums with my 16 year old daughter who’s creating an amazing bikini body!

Friends, family & zoom! Thank heavens for social media & apps like zoom which have kept us connected! I’ve kept in touch with my nearest & dearest but also joined business zooms that have enable me to make new connections with like minded people. Seeing how other people have adapted & the support they offer others in both business & personally has been inspiring.

Tik Tok! My ever patient daughter has been teaching me to dance Tik Tok style……doesn’t come easy but we have had so many laughs doing it! Treasured times.

Funny stuff. Every day there are memes, videos, Tik Toks circulating that find the funny side of the situation & help us to remember to laugh!

Wine! As I said there have been ups & downs & the downs have been made a little easier with a glass of wine. As have the ups. And the in betweens……hey let’s just say wine is the saviour!

Trips to Sainsbury’s. Who’d have thought that a normally mundane task could become the highlight of the day? Initially I found it really quite disturbing, no one speaking & avoiding eye contact but again it soon became the norm. It also gives me a chance to pop by my Mum’s care home….whilst I can’t hug her I can at least see her through the window & know that she is still with me. That’s what makes it the highlight of my day.


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