“Blimey, she looks like Winston Churchill!”



I am Lisa Dunnington (otherwise known as Mrs D) & I’m passionate about lots of stuff!

      • I’m a mother of 2 amazing kids first & foremost – Hannah is 15 & currently in the throws of GCSE torture & Samual is 13, obsessed with all things X-Box! You’ll hear more about them over time but needless to say I couldn’t be prouder of them & consider them to be my greatest achievement in life!
      • I love all animals, especially dogs! My particular love is for French Bulldogs & we are blessed to share our home with Tolo (nearly 10 & a bit of an old grump!) & Dottie who is just 15 weeks old & currently putting Tolo through his paces!
      • I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 32 years & I’m obsessed with sprouts! I don’t believe in forcing my choices on others but I never cease to be amazed how many meat eaters feel the need to argue with me about this choice.
      • I love to keep fit, mainly through running & yoga although I’ll have a go at most things as long as it doesn’t involve water. At the age of 51 I still have a fear of water & what lies beneath it after watching Jaws as a kid!
      • I’ve always been keen to succeed in business & hope to inspire other women in achieving their goals. Hard work, integrity & focus. Know your subject. Don’t bullshit. Don’t over promise. We’ve plenty to talk about here…..
      • I am a huge advocate of hemp derived CBD oil & it’s ability to improve our health. Cannabis has been demonised for too long & a new age of health care is here! I want to help educate people about the power of plants over pills, to take the Pharmaceuticals on & help people say no to the drugs that they push for profit.
      • I’m a keen supporter of many worthy causes but I’m particularly passionate about Ronald McDonald House Charities (www.rmhc.org.uk) & The Alzheimer’s Society (www.alzheimers.org.uk). Over the years I have met some amazing people through fundraising & raising awareness of these charities & we have brought our children up understanding the importance of helping others.
      • Yikes! I love fashion, especially shoes, bags, belts………….
      • My favourite City (after Manchester of course) is Chicago! Hannah was born in this wonderful city in 2003 & it will always be a place dear to my heart.




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