I am Lisa Dunnington (otherwise known as Mrs D) & I’m passionate about lots of stuff!

I’m a mother of 2 amazing kids first &; foremost – Hannah is 15 & currently in the throws of GCSE torture & Samual is 13, obsessed with all things X-Box! You’ll hear more about them over time but needless to say I couldn’t be prouder of them & consider them to be my greatest achievement in life


Create A Pain Free Life

I love all animals, especially dogs! My particular love is for French Bulldogs & we are blessed to share our home with Tolo (nearly 10 & a bit of an old grump!) & Dottie who is just 15 weeks old & currently putting Tolo through his paces!

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 32 years & I’m obsessed with sprouts! I don’t believe in forcing my choices on others but I never cease to be amazed how many meat eaters feel the need to argue with me about this choice.


I love to keep fit, mainly through running & yoga although I’ll have a go at most things as long as it doesn’t involve water. At the age of 51 I still have a fear of water & what lies beneath it after watching Jaws as a kid!

I’ve always been keen to succeed in business & hope to inspire other women in achieving their goals. Hard work, integrity & focus. Know your subject. Don’t bullshit. Don’t over promise. We’ve plenty to talk about here…..

I am a huge advocate of hemp derived CBD oil & it’s ability to improve our health. Cannabis has been demonised for too long & a new age of health care is here! I want to help educate people about the power of plants over pills, to take the Pharmaceuticals on & help people say no to the drugs that they push for profit.

I’m a keen supporter of many worthy causes but I’m particularly passionate about Ronald McDonald House Charities (www.rmhc.org.uk) & The Alzheimer’s Society (www.alzheimers.org.uk). Over the years I have met some amazing people through fundraising & raising awareness of these charities & we have brought our children up understanding the importance of helping others.

Yikes! I love fashion, especially shoes, bags, belts………….

My favourite City (after Manchester of course) is Chicago! Hannah was born in this wonderful city in 2003 & it will always be a place dear to my heart.


My Daily Choice Convention 2019

Just back from the 3rd Annual Convention in Las Vegas! Watch my video to learn about the highlights & why everyone should go to Convention! Click here to watch my video

Understanding the Endocannabinoid system & your hormones!

Cannabinoids are becoming more and more popular in the world of natural medicine. As research continues, we are learning more about how their effects stem from the way they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Hormones are chemical messengers to the body that travel in our blood to organs and tissues, signaling them to work. They can affect different processes […]

(Meno)Pause those symptoms with CBD oil…..

Most of us don’t really consider menopause until we find ourselves on its doorstep, at which point we are unprepared to deal with its many symptoms. Some of us might not even recognise these symptoms during the early stages of peri-menopause but the sooner we do and proactively respond to the changes happening in our bodies, the better our future health […]

Ronald McDonald House Charities

It all began in Philadelphia in 1974 when three-year-old Kim Hill, the daughter of Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill and his wife, Fran, was being treated for leukemia at St. Christopher’s Hospital For Children. During Kim’s three years of treatment, the Hills often camped out on hospital chairs and benches and ate makeshift meals out of vending machines, while […]

What is it with feet?

Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia, is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts and is more prevalent in men than women. I suspect my husband, Dunny & my dog, Tolo have a foot fetish whilst I’m obsessed with shoes. I guess it’s […]


Noun (usually humorous). A teenage girl who is exceptionally obsessed with preparing for her prom & ensuring it turns out the way she envisions. OK, I wouldn’t give my daughter Hannah this title, I’m sure there are worse but I have to admit I found the whole experience , as a Mum, pretty stressful, extremely expensive & emotional! We didn’t […]

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